Rahul Pathak

Software Architect Telephony

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C++ 11/14/17, erlang, Objective C++, JNI/JAVA

Resiprocate, GRPC, WebRTC, PJ SIP/Media, WSola Algo (PLC), Freeswitch, Kamailio, JANUS Media Server, Coturn, erlang OTP, Protobuf, C++ BOOST, C++ STL


core skills
Multithreading, Data Structures, Load Balancing, distributed system

Tools Wireshark, SIPp

Work Experience

2017-06-01 till today

Software Architect & Sr. Software Developer at tlkn:

Signaling Server with APIs

Custom signaling protocol for proprietary app.

GRPC for RPC calls including chat, A/V signaling and http api.

Implement bidirectional, server and client streaming with GRPC.

Handle client network tolerance.

universal VoIP library

It is a universal library for iOS, Android, and MAC with Audio, Video, NAT and SIP. library supports multiline audio calls and audio conference.

Customize SIP and GRPC signaling.

Customize WebRTC Audio and Video engine.

Implement NATting STUN/TURN/ICE.

MOS base network switching.

Implement SRTP, DTLSv 1.2.

Customize Audio codec like OPUS, ISAC, iLBC.

support IPv4, IPv6, NAT64, NAT464 types of networks.

Dynamic code and network switching as per MOS and Network status.

Web Client.

Started customization on sip.js for better performance as per product. Also done with prototype for Audio, Video calls.

2010-06-01 till 2014-05-01

Software Developer at Varaha Systems:

Instant Message server

IM server is based on C,C++ with SIP SIMPLE. Also worked with SMPP and SIP Message.

iOS VoIP client. (uMobility)

I worked on iOS FMC VoIP client.

I contributed in this project with NAT, SIP SIMPLE, Network handoffs (Wifi/LTE/3G/GSM), Audio processing (NS, AGC, AEC), Video (open H264).

State Full Proxy (B2BUA)

I worked on improving existing system and also contributed on some more FMC features. make some audio transmitter as per requirements.

2010-06-01 till today

Software Developer at Knowledge updates:

PJSIP Wrapper

PJSIP lib wrapper for iOS and Android with Audio and Video conference.

WebRTC Peerconnection C++

Custom signaling with SIP resiparocate stack and WebRTC peerconnection C++ API.

cross platform C++ GRPC implementation.

WebRTC with OpenCV library.

Hybrid App for sample VoIP Client

It is a sample VoIP client based on SIP.js and WebRTC library on phonegap. Make some usefull changes in WebRTC stack for solve crashes.

VoIP testing tools

A developer testing tool for stress testing for clients and server with SIPP and JAIN SIP.

Wireshark Plugin

I also made simple wireshark plugin for parse our custom data from NOTIFY packet body.

Open Source Contribution

I also contributed in Resiprocate and WebRTC stack. I also worked on lot of mini projects that help open source comunity.


C.U.Shah college of Engg & tech

Bachelor: Information Technology

  • English
  • Hindi

Want to work on algorithms and artificial intelligence